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About Us

Who is Harput Real Estate Founder?

Zülfü SERTKAYA; He was born in 1944 in a small village of the Palu district of Elazığ. 
The village of the village where he grew up, and the villages of the surrounding villages, 
came from a family dealing with agriculture, without water, electricity and schools. He raised himself. 
He started to work in Holland in 1972 to ensure his family's livelihood since he was 13 years old and 
he got all his rights as a result of the successful works he showed there and started to own a small 
pension with 11 rooms in 1976. 
In 1979, and has maintained its superior achievements in the same way. After taking a nice restoration 
from the old Ottoman mansions in 1989 in Antalya Kaleiçi, Grand Harput continued to take the name of the hostel. 

In 1997, it took two historical Ottoman mansions in the historical castle and restored it and will open it to 
operation soon. In the same place, it started to operate the Harput tea garden in the castle from the beginning 
of 1997. With this fast tempo without any tire, Harput Real Estate Consultancy and Expertise since its establishment. 
The people have established their throne and continue to serve the people with their respect and love to the people and 
to serve the people.
Great frame of his country and his people as a loving human being invited abroad to Turkey is to continue to 
serve them in the same way and everything will continue to produce for the people and for Turkey. 
Harput Real Estate Consultancy and Expertise;

Honesty and customer satisfaction.

Married and father of 6 children, Zülfü SERTKAYA provided all the children in universities and some of them 
educated and finished their second universities in Turkey and abroad because of not being able to collect enough.



Harput respects the real estate ... Distinguished customers; Harput can sell all your real estate to the world 
by making 4 foreign translation translations with real estate team.

NOTE: Do not ask for more than the value of your valuable immovable property when you bring it to us. 
You can trust us in every way.